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When there’s an addict in the family

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Once upon a time, you had a happy home. The bills were paid, the cabinets were stocked and everyone enjoyed family time. Recently, things are not so happy at home. You’re walking on eggshells hoping there won’t be another fight. Family time rarely happens because your partner is gone a lot. The pantry is almost bare and you’re scared to ask for grocery money. Life has become a troubling version of what it used to be. What happened?
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Will Excused Absences From Work Count Against Me?

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Missing work once in a while isn’t such a big deal. Illness, family situations, and personal issues happen to everyone. Life can’t always be scheduled in advance. Yet, when you call in, you can miss out on pay, training and opportunities to advance, as well as affect your team.

Some companies offer paid time off after your probationary period. However, if you are new or have used all of your PTO, your record will show unexcused absences and your paycheck will be reduced.

Many companies schedule training to improve processes and educate the staff. When you miss training, a coworker will have to take time away from their job to update you, causing additional expenses and reduced production.  

If you are interested in a promotion, your employer will review your attendance. Your ability to be on time reflects your work ethic. An advancement means more responsibility and missing work is not a good example of reliability. If your record shows disciplinary action for attendance issues, a promotion is highly unlikely to be offered.

If you run late or are absent from work regularly, you are affecting not only your paycheck but also your team and employer.

When you’re absent, your team reorganizes to cover the work you usually handle. In production, warehouse and other crews, output requirements do not change because you are gone. Your responsibilities get reassigned, which interrupts production continuity, causing frustration for others. To meet customer demands, the other workers may have to extend their hours to achieve the same levels as when you are at work.

Extended hours can increase stress and diminish the team performance and morale. As stress levels rise with each additional tardy or absence, conflict can arise between you and your team. Some will see the situation as unfair due to increased team expectations during your absence. You may find yourself in a tense situation when you return.

Knowing your value as a part of the team and the effect your absence has can help you understand why your attendance is crucial. Now ask yourself, why are you missing so much work?

There are many reasons why someone may have to miss work occasionally.  But when it comes to consistent absenteeism, there are some common reasons why people call in.

  1. Habit – People get into a bad habit of sleeping in, running late or calling in because they have other things to do. Make sure you are giving yourself plenty of time to get ready and to work in the morning. Create alarms and backups if needed. Schedule personal errands on your lunch if possible. If you request time off in advance, your team can prepare for your absence and minimize its effects.
  2. Unhappiness – Misery can be plenty of incentive to miss work. If you can’t stand your job, it may be time to resign and find one that suits you better. Don’t know where to look? A staffing agency can help you find a better fit.
  3. Overlaps – You have to leave for work at 6:45 AM, but the daycare doesn’t open until 7:00 AM. Some workplaces will be flexible with your schedule, while others have definite rules for attendance. Be sure to discuss your situation with your supervisor. If flexibility is not an option, ask coworkers about the solutions they use. Look for alternatives and don’t assume you have to be late daily.
  4. Lack of transportation – You’ve lost your ride, but do you need to call in? You may be able to find another way to work by getting creative. Do you live close enough to walk, or can you take a bus? Is ride sharing an option? Don’t give up so easily.
  5. Illness – Your health is important, and you don’t want to get others sick. Take care of yourself. If you are dealing with a chronic illness or an ill family member, be sure to schedule a visit with your HR department. FMLA may offer protection for your job while you take care of your situation. Although your team may not fully understand, your employer will work with your approved time.
  6. Bad Culture – Are you working in a negative environment? If your work culture does not promote growth or is drama-filled and toxic, it may be best for you to resign from your position. When you dread going to work, it increases the likelihood that you will call in. Don’t let a poor culture cause you to be less reliable.
  7. Unreasonable Attendance Policy – Some employers have strict attendance policies, such as no absences allowed during an extended period. Other employers tightly limit the occurrences you can have in a year. Companies may not offer excused absences, so be sure you ask about the attendance policy when hired.
  8. Personal Issues – Do you have a situation at home that is interfering with your ability to go to work and be there on time? Talk to a supervisor. A shift transfer might help you avoid repeated absences. Working second or third shift lets you take care of personal matters during the day.

If you can figure out why you are missing work, you will be able to get your absences under control. Improving your attendance will repair your relationship with your team, boss and company. Everyone will benefit from you being happy and productive at work.