Instant HB2862 Compliance, with Ōnin Staffing

We’ve been ahead of the curve, advocating for better pay and benefits for years. With Ōnin, you’re already compliant with HB2862.

See What Instant Compliance Looks Like:

Don’t let the new staffing laws in Illinois disrupt your business.

While others scramble to meet compliance by August 15, Ōnin’s partners already exceed compliance mandates. Join us and ensure your peace of mind.

What You Get with Ōnin Staffing:

  • Industry-Leading Benefits
  • Turnkey Compliance
  • Trusted Partnership

See how Ōnin’s custom Recruiting Strategy Guide ensures your compliance

See how Ōnin’s custom Recruiting Strategy Guide ensures your compliance

Built-In Compliance

Every conversation with every Ōnin Client begins with our Custom Recruiting Strategy Guide (RSG). We show you what it takes to attract and retain top talent for the roles you need to fill… and that includes top pay and amazing benefits. We’ve taken this approach for years, not because the law required it, but because it’s the right thing to do. Ōnin’s standard approach to staffing means we already exceed compliance without having to change anything we do.

  • Comprehensive Staffing SolutionsComprehensive Staffing Solutions
  • Teammate-centric ApproachA Teammate-centric Approach
  • Unbeatable BenefitsUnbeatable Benefits

Instant Compliance is Simple:

Step 1: Get Your Custom Recruiting Strategy Guide

Step 2: Let’s Talk About What Compliance Looks Like

Step 3: Instant Compliance as an Ōnin Partner

Don’t Get Caught Unaware

Even if Ōnin is not your staffing partner, we don’t want anyone getting caught off guard. That’s why we put together this 7-question guide for starting the compliance conversation with your staffing provider to ensure you’re prepared and protected when the new rules go into effect on August 15.