The Job Search Has Changed: Here’s What You Need To Know

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We don’t find jobs like we used to. Whether you’re in the market for a second career or coming back into the workforce after a significant period of time away, it’s important to know how job searching has changed over the past two decades. Although 20 years doesn’t seem like that long ago, revolutions in technology and how people relate to one another mean that finding a job is nothing like it was in the late 1990s. Fortunately, it only takes a few small tweaks to get back in the game.

1. Resumes Are Scanned, Not Read

There was always that rule that your resume should fit onto one page. After all, recruiters will read your resume online, spending an average of 30 seconds to get an idea of who you are.

Most large companies rely on databases to sort through candidates, which means it’s vital that you use the right keywords on your resume in order to be considered for the job you want. You’re not just trying to impress a human being — you need to work with the computer algorithm so the hiring team can find you.

If you’re not sure what keywords to use, try looking at important words the job description you are applying for is using and sprinkle those throughout your resume. That said, don’t just add random words to your resume. You’ll need to make sure the keywords make sense where you place them.

2. Don’t Stress The Employment Gaps

In days past, employers balked at candidates who had large gaps in employment history or who seemed to “job hop” from one position to another. With the digital generation, there’s been a growth of contractual and freelance arrangements and employment gaps are more common. However, it’s still smart to be able to explain your history. Your potential employer expects transparency.

Since job searching has become much more an online process, hiring managers are flooded with resumes in greater numbers than they once were. So, if you’re used to hearing back on every application, you may have to check that expectation. Fear not, however. The fact that there are so many more candidates is balanced out by the fact that there are so many opportunities and ways of learning about them. Get connected, send out your resume and keep a positive mindset.

3. Staffing Companies Are An Easy Way To Enter The Workforce

Constantly submitting your resume online into the void can be stressful, especially when you don’t hear anything back. Getting back into the working game is no small feat, and when you’ve been continually rejected after submitting time-consuming resumes, your frustrations can seem overwhelming and your employment options increasingly limited. Working with a staffing agency can help you skip this process (or cut it short) to help you get back to work immediately. When working with a staffing agency, like Ōnin Staffing, you can simply call or visit your local office to enquire about available opportunities. It’s a fast and easy way to get back into your work groove again.

4. What Goes On The Internet Stays On The Internet.

Employers frequently sift through your social media accounts, especially Facebook. If you have information published online you wouldn’t want your employer to see, delete it. Always make sure you think before you post. If you don’t have any social media accounts, be conscious of what others are posting about you.

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