Technological Accelerators

With the increased capabilities of mobile technologies and the advent of social media, we recognize the increasing importance of smart technology in our Teammate and client relationships.

Ōnin embraces technology as a tool for greater efficiency and a source of innovative momentum, and we are committed to remaining on the leading edge of industry technology.

Database Management

Arguably the best staffing software on the market, StaffSuite by Bond acts as the backbone of our technological framework. StaffSuite gives us the ability to parse data and query searches based on countless criteria, thus ensuring efficient and effective access to prospective Teammates who possess requisite skills or assignment preferences.

Timekeeping Interface

Premier clients have a vast range of timekeeping solution options. ŌninApps features web access, tremendous real-time reporting capabilities and an array of timekeeping solutions. ŌninApps is capable of integrating with virtually any client-based timekeeping system, giving our clients the ability to use data from their current timekeeping system or use one of our custom-built timekeeping options, including a web-based timecard or an on-site tablet punch clock.

Communication Strategy

Our Teammates App is custom designed to provide Teammates with automatic access to their W2s, pay stubs and benefits at the touch of a finger. Teammates can message and email branches directly from the app, making our app an easy way to streamline both information and communication.

Payroll Data Management

ŌninApps, our web-based timekeeping system, interfaces directly with StaffSuite, allowing StaffSuite to directly upload timekeeping data from ŌninApps and most other major timekeeping systems. The system is then automated to create invoices and/or payroll checks directly from this data.

Online Requisition

Ōnin clients have access to our simple, user-friendly Online Application that allows potential Teammates to easily apply for jobs from our website. Once applicants submit their applications, their job skills automatically parse with StaffSuite, giving us the ability to match the right people with the right company at lightning speed.