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By May 18, 2020 Odulting
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Up your Ōdulting game and get a family calendar!

Who likes relying on tiny cards hung on the fridge to remind you when your dentist appointment is? How about collecting all those paper reminders from daycare of the upcoming school events?

Between work, bae, kids, family and just general self-care, there is too much going on in life for one person to remember. Having a family calendar can help everyone remember what is going on.

Now you have a couple of options on how to display this calendar. There’s the old-fashioned option of getting it tacked to the wall where everyone can see it, and then there’s the modern digital calendar. 

Since it is 2020, we really suggest a digital calendar since everyone in the family can see it from their phone and can add to it right when something comes up. For example, it is a whole lot easier to just add a doctor’s appointment to the calendar while at their office than toting the reminder card home and remembering to write it on the calendar on the wall. You can even add events in from other apps like your email or Facebook. So when you start making plans for next year’s vacation, you can drop it right into the calendar rather than writing down the deets on a slip of paper you are sure to lose track of.

Calendars are great for your sanity and for your overall household health. No more fights about not knowing about the parent-teacher conference or being blind-sided by the in-laws coming to visit (well, this might still happen, but at least you tried).

There are a ton of options out there when it comes to calendar apps. You can use Google Calendar if you already have a Gmail set up. Apple Calendar if you are an iPhone family or even Microsoft Outlook (this is a great idea if you already use this one for work).  


Some great items to put on your calendar or to schedule ahead of time to keep you organized are:

  • Vacations
  • Birthdays
  • Doctor & Dentist Appointments
  • Holidays (and when your work is closed for each)
  • Bill Due Dates
  • Maintenance Stuff (Oil changes every 6 months or checking fire alarm batteries)
  • Work shift rotations
  • School, Church or other Group Events

Other reasons for having a family calendar are being able to see when events will clash so you can work around scheduling. You can quickly reference your calendar from anywhere if you need a quick reminder of what is going on next week or the next day. Plus, you seem super on top of life knowing what is going on in your world a month ahead of time.

So now that you have a handle on your day-to-day, are you ready to tackle balancing out your home life? How about making a budget? Maybe you need to know where to go when the kids get sick. We know you may want to sweep those under the rug for another day. We get it…#AdultingIsHard. Let’s figure it out together! Check out our other posts to take your Ōdulting game pro.

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