Personal Cellphones at Work: The Do’s and Don’ts of Workplace Policies

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Many people carry their personal phones to work, but not everyone knows the correct way to use them once they get there. Here’s the lowdown on using personal devices while on the clock.

Most of us have a personal cellphone these days. From browsing the internet to monitoring fitness, smartphones aren’t just used to make calls.

Do Find Out the Work Policy

Some companies don’t allow you to have a personal cellphone at work and require you to lock it away or not bring it on the premises at all. Many places only allow you to access your phone during official breaks. Check your work policy so you don’t break the rules.

Do Keep Work and Personal Phones Separate

If your employer requires you to have a cellphone for work purposes, you should have separate work and personal phones. You should only use the business phone in the workplace to contact customers or communicate with co-workers, and they should have access to only that number.

This gives you some privacy too, especially if you work with clients or are on-call. Most companies have strict overtime rules, and working off the clock by answering emails and calls after hours can be an issue.

Do Use the Silent Function

If you do have your personal phone at work, keep it on silent mode. You will be less likely to respond when you should be focusing on work. This will minimize disturbances to others. If you are expecting an emergency call, make your superiors aware. You will want to ask for permission to keep your device handy in this situation.

Don’t Answer Personal Calls When Clients Are Around

If you deal with clients, don’t use your cellphone when they are around, particularly when you are interacting with them. Actively listen to your clients; distracted listening is rude. Avoid answering your phone in meetings, too. Make sure you are not that person who talks to friends instead of dealing with work issues.

Don’t Access Work Emails on Your Devices

Smartphones enable you to pick up emails. Don’t install your work email application on your personal devices. This stops you from looking at emails late into the night and eliminates a common security risk.

If your personal device becomes infected with malware, it could spread into your work email system making you liable, especially if there’s a data breach. Your company can also take your phone if you use it for work and there has been a breach. You may not get it back for months.

Don’t Browse the Internet on Your Phone at Work

Do you think you can use a personal cellphone to do some online shopping, read your messages or check your social media at work? Wrong. Not only should you not be browsing the net on work computers, but the same applies to phones when you are working.

Think you can’t be traced? Wrong again. Most workplaces have WiFi, so your employer can track what you are viewing and for how long. If it’s not a legitimate work function, you could get into trouble.

As for social media, a lot of employers check out their employees on social platforms, so be careful what you post there and when you post it.

Cellphones are one of the greatest developments of recent times, but you need to use them appropriately. Make sure you follow the rules at work and don’t blur the line between work and personal time.

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