Intrapreneur Internship Program

We have hired many remarkable staffing veterans, but we understand that, in order to achieve our growth objectives, we must also develop new talent.

We are currently seeking future leaders across the country to enter our Intrapreneur Internship program. We define an “Intrapreneur” as a rising staffing star who embraces their entrepreneurial spirit and forges their professional destiny within the framework of our organization. At The Ōnin Group, we don’t have a bunch of VP’s coming up with rules and frivolous reports to justify their existence. We have a decentralized command and control structure where local individuals are empowered to make decisions locally, making us more nimble and responsive than the competition. Our lean management structure and performance-based compensation plan inherently drives accomplishment,  not bureaucratic activity. In short, we give our team room to make things happen.

As an Intrapreneur Intern, you work in a busy branch learning the fundamentals of staffing operations, hands-on, under the guidance of a branch manager while receiving direct mentoring from your area manager and our COO. Once you learn the fundamentals, the road splits and you take either an operations track or a sales track in one of our divisions with the goal of eventually becoming a branch manager and one day an area VP or corporate executive. (See our Career Track chart for details.) There is a strong possibility that you will move up to three times in your first five years with our company. During the initial three to five years of employment, the ability and desire to move as opportunities to advance avail themselves is required for this position.

Initial job duties will include recruiting, interviewing temporary associates, filling job orders, answering phones, customer interaction, data entry and some payroll. Additional duties will include study and preparation for leadership development mentoring class with the COO.

Eligibility Requirements Include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in an applicable field of study
  • Ability to move up to three times over the next five years to take promotional opportunities
  • Demonstrated leadership
  • Self-Motivation/Self-Discipline
  • Ability to perform well in a fast-paced multi-task environment

This is a paid internship with a real, long-term growth opportunity. Get started!