How to put your short-term jobs on a resume

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Applying for work at a staffing agency was not your first idea of a career move, but here you are. You may be worried about how this will impact your future. Maybe this is your first job, or you just got laid off.

Whatever your situation, a short-term position may have been your last choice – it usually is.

Job seekers generally overlook the benefits of short-term work. Staffing agencies have various jobs available, from manual labor to HR positions. If you have thought about trying something new, but aren’t sure how to start, a staffing agency is your answer.

Benefits of a Short-Term Job

Try out a new industry

Staffing agencies offer work in many fields, such as warehousing, skilled trades, clerical and others. By taking a short-term assignment, you will have the chance to experience different industries.

Gain new skills and experience

As an entry-level worker, you will start at the bottom and work your way up. You can transfer the techniques and skills you learn to another field. You will be able to list these new skills on your resume for the next job.

Make business contacts

A staffing agency works with different clients where you will meet people who can help you in the future. Make a good impression and do good work. You may want to contact supervisors later for a job or a reference.

Learn about jobs and companies

You can work short-term and try out the position and the company. Do they have a good culture? Do you like the facility? Is this something you would enjoy permanently? It won’t take long for you to find the answers.

Avoid gaps in a resume

Taking a short-term job allows you to fill in your resume. If you get fired or laid off, make sure you get back to work right away. A staffing agency can give you work until you go back or find a new long-term job.

Get your foot in the door

Find an agency that works with your favorite company. Some employers only hire through staffing services. By taking a short-term job, you can get in with the company and try them out. A short-term position could lead to your dream job.

When you add your short-term jobs to your resume, be clear that you worked for a staffing agency. Always state your assignment was complete and for which company you worked. Include all the skills you gained, as well as achievements while on the job. Group your assignments under one agency. Put the date you started with the agency and the date you completed your last assignment.

Short-term assignments are a great way to try out companies, gain new skills and build your resume. Select positions that will create new opportunities for you. Always ask what else is available when you complete an assignment. Show a willingness to learn and have good attendance; the agency will be offering you better positions quickly. Who knows? You might just find your next career.

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