If I Take Drugs, What Happens to My Job?

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Many employers use drug tests as a method of pre-screening applicants during the hiring process. Some applicants may attempt to pass the tests using purchased synthetic urine or by corrupting the test in other ways. Most drug screens now test for adulteration, making this practice futile, and faking a test result is difficult. When you fail the drug screen, you lose opportunities for better jobs with higher wages.

Risk of injury

Drug use impairs your ability to perform your job. In fact, drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace causes 65 percent of on-the-job accidents, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Working while impaired puts others on your team, and your company, at risk for injuries and property damage. If your actions cause an accident or damages, you can be held accountable.


Work absenteeism is also a problem for drug users. Recovery time from binges, side effects from the substances and getting ill because of drug use frequently cause absences. Your absence affects everyone on your team and can put work behind or cause the line to shut down. Frequent absences will also give you a bad reputation since others will regard you as unreliable.

Financial Issues

Drug purchases aren’t cheap and can quickly take a heavy toll on your budget. The money you use to pay for drugs is money that could have been spent paying for necessities, like rent, developing a financial safety net, like an emergency fund, or preparing for the future, like saving for retirement. Missing work will also cause your paycheck to be smaller and make it harder to pay your bills, and being held financially responsible for damages and injuries will certainly hurt your wallet.


Most substances alter your mood, and can cause you to have a poor attitude. Whether you behave apathetically or violently, a poor attitude can cause you to lose your job and prevent further opportunities from coming your way.

Higher Risk of Getting Fired

Just because you passed the first drug test doesn’t mean you won’t have to take another drug test later on. Many companies use random drug tests, while other employers may drug test you if they have reason to suspect you are a drug user. While you may believe no one at work will notice you are using illegal substances, there are many telltale signs of drug use your employer may begin to observe: glazed or red eyes, an inability to focus, slurred speech, mood changes, an inability to remember instructions, dilated pupils or a sloppy appearance. Using drugs makes you more susceptible to losing your job, which will further hurt your finances and your future career prospects.

Effect on Others

Beyond the possibility of criminal charges, jail time and having a record, your actions affect everyone around you. Your behavior can have a substantial negative impact on your reputation causing you to lose your credibility and the trust of your co-workers, friends and family members.

Your Future

How will you meet your goals while under the influence? Your actions impact everyone around you, even if you feel your drug use only affects you. Is it worth it? Aren’t you worth more than this? Even if you manage to pass the drug screen and get hired, continued drug use will lead to limited opportunities in the future, and you deserve better a future where you can succeed unhindered by illegal drugs.

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