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The Holidays Are Coming!

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It may seem like stores begin thinking about the holidays far too soon… but the truth is, most people should start thinking about them much sooner. Not about decorations and food and music… but about the money you are going to spend.    Surprised Again! The funny thing about the…

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What Do Industrial Painters Do?

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What jobs are similar to industrial painters? Industrial painters, not surprisingly apply paint and finishes to products, either during production or as an aftermarket service. There are multiple names these painters go by, and several specialized roles within the category. Some of these titles include: Industrial spray painter, industrial painter…

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Getting Serious About Play

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Life can get pretty stressful. The older you get and the more responsibilities you take on, the harder the strain– and mental stress does have physical ramifications, from increasing your likelihood of injury from tension and being mentally distracted, to suppressing the immune system and making you more vulnerable to…

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What Does a Poultry Line Worker Do?

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This job can go by several names: poultry line worker, line worker, process worker, production line worker, poultry general laborer and some other titles depending on the company. Whatever job title they go by, these workers play a big role in any poultry production. They perform many important tasks needed…

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