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Good Banking Habits

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Congratulations, Ōdult! You can pat yourself on the back for opening a bank account. It’s a big step. Just like getting a puppy, a bank account is a lot of responsibility. You need to tend to it, feed it, and check on it regularly. Luckily, you won’t have to potty-train...
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Children’s Health

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Welcome, Ōdulting parent! You are likely here because you have a kid who is sick, has been sick or is likely to get sick any day now. That, or you are an Ōdulting parent-to-be and unsure what green snot means. Either way, welcome to the blog and your guide to...
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Budgeting Basics

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The famous budgeting guru Dave Ramsey once said: "A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went." Now more than ever, it is essential to tell your money exactly where to go rather than wondering how it all flew out the window without you...
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CNC Mill Machinist

Is a CNC Machinist job dangerous?

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Many people are afraid that robots will one day take our jobs. This isn’t the case in the world of machining. All over the world, machinists are needed to set up, operate, repair the complex machines that help create the products we use every day. CNC Mill Machinists are one…

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Cherry Picker

What does a Cherry Picker do every day?

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Warehouses are often synonymous with tall shelves, millions of stacked products, and forklifts wheeling around to pick these orders. One vehicle that can be found in many warehouses is the cherry picker. This article will be the only guide you need when it comes to learning about these machines, how…

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Admin Assistant

What does an Administrative Assistant do?

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Whether you’re on the hunt for an administrative assistant, looking to become one yourself, or are just curious about what this job entails, this article will help you understand the day-to-day duties and how to successfully land a job in the field.  What is an Administrative Assistant’s job description? Many…

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